1. create the powerpoint slides and save it as a PRESENTATION.
2. If you would like to add your speaker notes:
Create the notes in the space under each slide in “NORMAL” view& re-save
3. If you want to see the notes as you rehearse , then click on Presenter Tools to show them
4. To get timed slides:
Got to toolbar in Powerpoint, TRANSITIONS
Choose 15 seconds, APPLY TO ALL

WORLD LIT Ms. Healey
Rumi Basho
Charles Baudelaire Pablo Neruda
Federico Garcia Lorca Anna Akhmatova
Rainer Maria Rilke Tomas Transtromer
Czeslaw Milosz Seamus Heaney
Alan Ginsberg Rabindranath Tagore

Each group will create two mini-poet profiles on our wiki in slide show or iMovie format. Though you have chosen your own groups, I will assign each group two poets and you will use one wiki page to profile both of them. As we discussed in class, each author’s profile should contain the following information, though not necessarily in this order.
1. Historical & Literary Context: What is the story of the time in which this poet wrote?
Why is the poet even on this list?
2. What are the representative works of the poet? Include the text of the poems you feel
are critical to appreciation of this poet
3. Influences: what inspired him/her? What events, people, places?
4. Literary Analysis: what makes the poetry work” style? subject? purpose? your insights
& annotations on the poems you post (where your work will shine)
5. Relevant Criticism: How do others assess the poet? What is his/her reputation?
6. Biography: only as needed (see 3)
7. Art, music, video as indicated: design of page up to you, but page must include
dynamic graphic elements. Dazzle me.
Each group will spend five days on their two poets and will:
*Post the text of 3-5 representative poems for each poet in a pleasing format
*Add 10 links of QUALITY content to one or more of the headings
(i.e. no sparknotes or other wikipages) including short digests (each group member should author at least one) of the 3 best links.
* You must annotate at least one of each poet’s poems in detail with notes on themes, subject, literary devices, structure, etc.
*Each page should have both graphic and written content. (You must provide caption and significance for graphic content). When you create a slideshow or iMovie, make sure
to cite any research you did.
* At least 3 of your sources from either poet will be cited in the tag section
of the wiki page. (discussed in class)
*You will be assessed on the quality of content, as well as the design of the page.
I will be reviewing the pages each night to highlight that day’s additions.

Suggestions to start your search: the Poetry Foundation
Poetry Out Loud,, the Guardian culture pages

You will be assessed on the content (70%) and appearance (30%) of your profile. I also assess the individual group members’ work—amount and quality.
how will you decide which poems are representative?
how will you prioritize influences?