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Due 14 DECEMBER 2012

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Each group will create a wikipage with overview history, background, themes, art, music and whatever else you think appropriate to provide an introduction to your mythology for others. Read these instructions carefully. You must assign a different group member to be in charge of different administrative aspects of your research, writing and design. Each member must post original content and abide by the style you decide for the page, but there will be administrative tasks to manage as well. We will talk about these in the Tech Center. You must include the following headings on your page:

Introduction: a general statement written by the group to introduce your mythology with historical and cultural context. Include your names. ZERO credit for pages without authors.

Historical and cultural context: background on the culture that created the myths, elements of their culture and values. Historically significant facts, etc. This will be different for each page.

Major/archetypal characters and plots: connect your mythology to others we have studied--do any of the stories sound familiar? Do the characters show up elsewhere? etc.

Story summary: Include your summary of two or three of the defining stories—you choose the stories, and you write the summaries ( I am assuming that you will have read more than one version in order to choose the essential parts of the story). no cut and pasted versions. These should be fun to read.

Themes, motifs, archetypes: name them--they should be connected to the historical and cultural context above. A written section (3-5 paragraphs) providing more in-depth explanation of themes, motifs, and archetypes of your mythology. Note which stories are the critical ones to know for each theme, etc. You will need to cite the sources for this part of the page.

Important Links: At least 10 live links that qualify as contextual and critical sources. Annotate this section of the page for your readers' convenience.Only the best links should make it into this section.

Citations: use the model provided at the bottom of this page. It is easier than MLA, and more logical on a webpage than the old style citation for print work.

Create a Word document to manage your additions to the wiki as well as ongoing edits to your section. You can copy your links and add photos, etc. onto the word doc and then add what’s needed. When the page is final and complete, copy it back to the wiki page. You must post each day's work at the end of each class we spend in the Tech Center. You will need to alert others in the class when you are updating, so that no one loses their changes because two groups are updating at the same time. Each section of your wiki page should be titled as above and include, at a minimum, the following:

1. The headings noted above in similar design to make it easy to navigate your page. If you need more headings than I noted, that's OK.

2. Multimedia and/or graphics to enhance understanding –photos, paintings, music video, video interviews, sculpture, etc. These should be interspersed and embedded throughout the page for visual interest.Use tables to format multiple graphics--ask me if you need help using tables on the wiki. A caution: you must attribute your graphics and media to the creator. You may not use copyrighted materials unless you do. Use Google advanced search to retrieve materials that are free to reuse or share.

3. When your material is complete, please post your page onto the proper wiki page.(I will make each group a page when we know what each group is doing.)

4. As your last task, you will create a scavenger hunt for other members of the class. Create a document with a minimum of 10 questions about your mythology that others in the class will be able to answer after perusing your content. This quiz will make you decide what YOU think is most important. It also ensures that someone else can find what they "need to know." This quiz should NOT be posted on your wikipage, but instead printed out and given to me. Make sure the quiz includes the title of your mythology page as well as the names of every group member. I JUDGE YOU IF YOU MAKE IT TOO EASY.

ADVICE: I DO want each group to look at the page at the end of each editing session, and spend some of your group time deciding how to create original content. Videos, animation, cause/effect, historical background--all of these would provide first class content for someone who needed to learn something NEW about your myths. You may use the Tools page and as well as the Research Resources page on the wiki sidebar for ideas on HOW to implement your plan. Remember to organize your content for maximum impact visually. Quality is critical for this project.



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