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Steps to make your PechaKucha:

1. Choose your book

2. decide on what you want to say about the book to your audience

3. open a powerpoint and save it as a presentation with the title "class name yourlastname title"

If you want a unique background for your slides,

*select format from toolbar
*choose slide background on dropdown menu
*choose pic from your library
*then decide on transparency %age--70-80% is usually light enough
*click "apply to all"

4. decide what the type of images and font will fit number 2

5. find copyright free photos and images online or use images from your own photo files, paste into ppt

*use Advanced Search on google (in settings on google page)
*scroll down and check on USAGE tab
*choose "free to use or share" then hit search button

6. add text slides, following good ppt design principles.

7. save ppt as PowerPoint Presentation. Create a note for each slide, so you know EXACTLY what you are going to say for each slide. I will be grading scripts for World Lit.-more info in class. I will be checking scripts in class the week before the PechaKucha presos start for the Juniors.

9. Save ppt as PowerPoint Presentation. Make sure you have programmed the slides to progress automatically.

  • got to transitions in ribbon bar
  • go to Advance Slide tab, check the box that allows you to choose seconds, ad set the seconds to 15.00
*then go to Apply to tab and click ALL SLIDES. then save ppt as Power Point Presentation

10.Once your ppt is complete and saved, upload it to the eLocker in Studywiz with your class name.


1. create the powerpoint slides and save it as a PRESENTATION.
2. If you would like to add your speaker notes:
Create the notes in the space under each slide in “NORMAL” view& re-save
3. If you want to see the notes as you rehearse , then click on Presenter Tools to show them

if you are using Google presentations, once you click "publish" under the "file" button, you will get a choice of slide duration. You're welcome.
Background from class discussions about how to include appropriate background:



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